Other Teams

We are not the only team developing low-cost ventilator technology and here we list those that meet the following criteria:

  • Have considered safety and system limitations
  • Have a plan to produce at scale with established industrial groups
  • Have received or are seeking regulatory approval

All these groups have responded to the needs of their communities with passion and compassion and an amazing degree of collaboration. Many of these projects have used information from our work and then gone much further!


Ashok Leyland Ventilator
Sundaram Ventago
Mahindra Ventilator
Propel Ventilator


Irish Manufacturing Center & Molone Group


TU Delft Operation Air


Universidad de Chile
U. de Chile podría producir hasta 200 ventiladores mecánicos semanales

Universidad de Concepción
Ventilador mecánico desarrollado por la U. de Concepción y Asmar inició pruebas en humanos

PAT Industrial Solutions & TersaInox S.A. (Hope E-Vent)
Ventiladores made in Chile – La apuesta de bajo costo de un emprendedor chileno

Teccap-TPI (Oxygena VMI-19)
Oxygena: El ventilador mecánico fabricado en Chile que está cerca de ser utilizado por el Minsal
Hecho en Chile: los ventiladores que salvan vidas en Valparaíso


Coronavirus: Israeli researchers design low-cost open-source ventilator
Israeli defense company begins production of thousands of advanced ventilators


GPA INNOVA Respira, Barcelona

SEAT & Protofy.xyz, Catalonia, Spain
‘Basic’ ventilator breathes air into Spain’s choked ICUs

JMA Wireless, Syracuse, NY & Bologna, Italy
Coronavirus: Tech company in Clay designs emergency ventilator, gives away blueprints
PREVAIL NY by JMA Offers Free, Open-Source Emergency Mechanical Ventilation System Blueprints to All Manufacturers

U.S. Universities

Rice University ApolloBVM
Stanford BiodesignOne Breath
University of Minnesota Coventor

3 Replies to “Other Teams”

  1. Ernesto Velarde
    Ernesto Velarde

    Dear friends,

    Firstly I want to thank you for open your design.
    I am Ernesto Velarde-Reyes, Head of Department of Electronics at Cuban Neuroscience Center.
    I have leadered medical equipment projects in the neurophysiological area, never about mechanical ventilation. The Cuban government asked us to find a solution to a possible lack of lung ventilators. We begin studing every open-hardware desing, looking for low cost and easy manufacturability. Because your good explanations made with excellent methology and the best engineering we prefered your concept. We use your mechanical drawings with some variations, the same motor, and also we added our own electronics, software (raspberri) – firmware (arduino), our own industrial and user interface design. Also we added FiO2 and EtCO2 measuring.
    We passed a hard validation (supervised by CECMED, the cuban regulatory agency) in which we had to test our prototypes in laboratory, with three pigs, and later with 16 voluntary post surgical patients.
    Recently in December 8, 2020, we obtained the Authorization for Human Use for the use in Post Surgical Units in cuban hospitals. This fact will increase the avaibility of lung ventilators, and in case of system saturation our best lung ventilators in Cuba could be used for critical patients.
    Now, our ventilator would be reserved for short period ventilations (post surgical units) and for emergency (in test now) in Emergency ICU. We are producing 250 units.

    The name of our device is PCUVENTE (in Spanish, “Proyecto Cubano de Ventilación de Emergencia”).

    We feel like part of your team and we think that we must open our design and share our experience too with other people.

    Thanks for your MIT Engineering!

    Best regard,


    You can see a TV report about PCUVENTE here:

  2. james mabel
    james mabel

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