MIT E-Vent on ABC News

Yesterday, April 9, 2020, our research was featured on ABC News in a longer segment detailing many groups working hard to help address the COVID-19 pandemic. We recognize all efforts including fellow researchers, industry and volunteers.

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  1. James Heavey
    James Heavey

    This project is a vanity project for nerds. This design is a middle school science fair level design. This type of project is counterproductive and makes the public more fearful because the design is so amateurish.

    • Martin Stavrev
      Martin Stavrev

      Well it’s an Ambu bag squeezer, what do you expect?

      The goal is not to make a whole new type of ventilator, but a machine that can be adjusted to squeeze a readily available ambu-bag just right.
      It is a device that could find use in an emergency field hospital with hundreds of beds. It is not meant to replace a real ventilator in real hospitals.


        Martine, Definitely this is a brilliant device and there is no doubt in this emergency situation. However, i believe the expectations are higher because of the label ‘Ventilator’. As you have mentioned somewhere that this device is only useful till you make the real ventilator available, in that case i would suggest to rename it as MIT Emergency RESPIRATOR. E-RESP/RESP-AID. Then it cannot be compared with ventilator and expectation are appropriate to emergency situation.

      • Peter Ingram
        Peter Ingram

        Given the project’s stated aims, which I hope you have read I feel that it is doing just fine. It will take non-invasive ventilation to a point where almost anyone with even limited engineering skills will be able to construct a device that will lower the death rate in their hospital, town or village.

        It is simple in design to make it flexible. Many different people will be using many different components to make this device and I feel it somewhat disingenuous of you to suggest it be just a nerd project.

        I hope this device is quickly bought to fruition ans I feel it is badly needed in the world today.

        The above is, as yours, just my opinion.

  2. J L
    J L

    The ABC News segment was rather ‘light’ on the features of the E-Vent. It looked like only 3 still images were used to show off the device. I’m sure you could get a friend to make an animation or video of your device in action.

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