NIH, Design Spreadsheets, Plumbing Update

  • We have just posted the UK NIH’s guidelines for a Rapidly Manufactured Ventilator System to Resources.
  • Two simple design spreadsheets are now available in Downloads for gear tooth loading and calculating the worst case scenario torque when squeezing the bag.
  • The Plumbing page has been updated with better diagrams showing filter placement. We also recommend an analog pressure gauge be connected to the system to allow for quick visual inspection.

One Reply to “NIH, Design Spreadsheets, Plumbing Update”

  1. Mao Luna

    Hi MIT Team, we are a small team from Guanajuato México where we have several COVID-19 cases already confirmed, we want to start working on ventilator protoype based on your design, we already downloaded drawings and information but is it possible to share your programming code you used on your equipment, we will really apreciate, thanks.

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