Study Results

Good evening from Cambridge! We have posted results from two additional porcine studies as well as details on our bench testing, please look at the testing tab. We are working to push more information your way as fast as we can CAD, plots, photograph and type.

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  1. Ekin Görgü

    There is one thing that I do not understand about this ventilator design. This ventilator is supposed to be used on people that cannot breath on their own, people that are sedayed and needs oxygen support. Now cool thing about the design is, mechanical ventilation is provided by Ambu bag and you can supply direct oxygen through an Ambu bag as well. Now here is the thing that I don’t understand: If we have to supply the patient with oxygen instead of air, we need a regular ventilator anyways? The oxygen supply to an Ambu bag is done by ventilators that we do not have enough of, am I right? So we are not freeing any ventilators? How can we supply the patient with %100 oxygen by MIT E-Vent? Wouldn’t we need a normal ventilator anyways?

    • Richard Davis

      So the oxygen would be supplied by tank at a certain percentage depending on the patients Oxygen saturation among other things. 100 % Oxygen (O)is fatal. The air that we are breathing in is about 20-21% O so the idea is that when someone is in respiratory distress such as Acute Respiratory Syndrome (ARS) which is a possible consequence of the CoVid19 we can increase the percentage of O and help the person maintain an adequate saturation level in their blood.

      • Joost Riphagen

        Hi 100% oxygen is definitely not fatal (unless diving , but here it does have some issues, ROS and breakdown of surfactant. Generally dose as low as possible but in this case probably a lot) and is actually a design target. The oxygen comes from a wall socket that is linked to a big ( my small hospital has a 30M^2 tank) filled from a semi truck. Still it is precious and shortages can occur. You can get near 100% oxygen with a bag but mostly with help of lots of oxygen.

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